So, Who is the Nook?

The Nook is the wedding site of photographer + Artist Kate Disher-Quill

Kate began photographing weddings in 2013 when she discovered that her documentary style of photography, combined with her relaxed nature and desire to make beautiful images was the perfect match for capturing newlyweds and all the emotions and nuances of a wedding day. After expanding into film and pursing various other projects, Kate founded The Nook. A place dedicated specifically to her wedding work and to acknowledge the many others who help create these beautiful visuals - second photographers, filmmakers and designers.    

Our goal is simple - to create beautiful aesthetics that you love and that we are proud of. Along with shooting weddings, we are artists who believe that our personal projects are essential in keeping us inspired. And we approach our wedding work with the same creative spirit.

In a nutshell, we’re pretty relaxed, down to earth and simply enjoy what we do. We know how to capture the right moments, help you feel at ease and we'll have fun while we're at it!



About Kate

Kate Disher-Quill is an award winning artist working across photography, film and multimedia. When she's not documenting love parties + weddings, Kate is busy working on personal projects which explore themes reflected in her community and the wider Australian society. Exhibiting frequently and central to her artistic practice is the desire to create new and empowering works that inspire connections and understanding between the subject and audience.

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